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  • Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine was first published in 1981 and listed as the source journal of Science Citation Index Expanded (SCI-E) in 2010. 

    Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine is an open access journal publishing evidence-based, scientifically justified original articles and review papers in all aspects of Chinese medicine, and essays relating to complementary and alternative medicine. Areas of particular interest include:
    Basic scientific research in Traditional Chinese Medicine; 
    Outcomes of hypothesis-driven, rationally-designed pre-clinical and clinical research;
    New compounds of herbal medicine;
    Molecular/cellular targets and mechanisms of action for Chinese medicine;
    Modern drug delivery and molecular pharmaceutic tools for Chinese medicine;
    Special treatment of complementary and alternative medicine;
    We now publish research and review papers, both unsolicited and solicited. We may publish Viewpoint, Idea and Opinion, or commentary papers which are by invitation only.

    Personal views are welcome and the length should be about 1500 words (not including tables, figures, and references). Authors of this type of articles should sign their real names; no anonymous pieces are published.

    Idea and Opinion
    Essays representing opinions, presenting hypotheses, or considering controversial issues. The text is limited to no more than 1000 words, without abstract and keywords, 10 or fewer references. Typically no tables or figures but occasional exception at the editors’ discretion.

    Most comments are commissioned, but spontaneous comments are welcome on a paper or other report or event within the past month or so, or in the near future. The text is limited to no more than 700 words, without abstract and keywords, 5 or fewer references.
    Normally, we do not publish such types of papers as Expert experience, Data mining articles unless the topic is of exceptionally significance and urgency.


    Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine

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